Expert Clinicians
Dr. Sanjay P. Chhajed
Baba Ramdeo Institute of Ayurved

Vaidyaraj Sanjay Chhajed, M.D. (Ayurveda) is practicing Ayurvedic consultant for 16 years, internationally recognised Ayurveda teacher

Ex-Principal - Ayurveda College, Aurangabad & Ex-Senior consultant, M. European Research University, Vlodrop and Holland. Specialised in Rejuvenation Therapy; one of the very few teachers of Pulse Diagnosis.

Presently working as CEO, Baba Ramdeo Institute of Ayurveda, a multi faceted pioneer research institute of Modern Ayurveda and involved in promotion of classical Ayurveda in its latest attire. Associated with Music Therapy for last 10 years and has treated over 2000 patients successfully.