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Rupesh Ghyar
Senior Executive Officer
BETiC Lab IIT Bombay

Rupesh holds a doctorate degree from IIT Bombay. His PhD thesis focused on Systematic Approach for Functional and Surgical Suitability Evaluation of Mega Endo-prostheses, which involves standardization of FEA coupled with experimental evaluation. He has a Masters degree was in Bioengineering, from University of Strathclyde (UK) and Bachelor's degree, in Mechanical Engineering, COEP ,Pune.

He has worked for six years as a Senior Research Associate in OrthoCAD Network Research Cell at IIT Bombay. Earlier, he was a business development manager for OSIM India, an orthopaedic implant manufacturer.

Surgical auto-suture instrument allows surgeons to follow the ideal circular path necessary for perfect suturing. Unlike other such devices in the market, the novel design uses a standard needle, which are easily available at low cost.

Development team includes Dr. Rupesh Ghyar, IIT Bombay; Dr. Hemant Bhansali, Nanavati Hospital and Sridevi Tool Engineers,Vasai

Current Status: The metal prototype has been manufactured, and has been mechanically tested. The design is being improved based on clinician's feedback. The final device will be available for testing by end of 2015.

Patent filed: R. Ghyar,H. Bhansali, B. Ravi, "An automated needle holder and suturing device" 1880/MUM/2013