Engineering Team
Profile Tracheostomy aid
Dr. Trimbak Kawdikar
Research Assistant
BETiC-OrthoCAD Lab
IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Trimbak holds a B.P.Th. Degree from MUHS, Nashik. As a Physiotherapist, he worked as an assistant under Dr. R. C. Sharangpani in Pune before joining the BETiC Lab at IIT-B in Dec. 2015.

At BETiC, he is working on redeveloping the process of manufacturing Above Knee Prosthesis for amputees using 3D scanning and printing of the stump and incorporating better joints in collaboration with Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust.

He is also involved in developing a device to detect blockage in tracheostomy tube and working on 3D printing of medical models from CTs and MRIs of patients.

Tracheostomy is a procedure requiring maintenance of proper bronchial hygiene and the tracheostomy tubes are susceptible to blocks because of secretions. The new device is capable of detecting the blockages and notify, thus, providing continuous monitoring for airway patency.