Engineering Team
Profile Diabetic Foot Kiosk Suture Anchors
Chetan Sunil Pakhare
Research Assistant
BETiC-OrthoCAD Lab
IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Chetan holds B.E degree in Mechanical Engineering from Solapur University, Maharashtra, He was Researcher in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bombay and also Research Scholar in CRNTS at IIT Bombay for 2 years before joining BETiC at IIT Bombay in May 2016.

Chetan is currently working on Diabetic Foot kiosk in which characteristics like Planter skin stiffness, Vibrational sensitivity, and Temperature of Diabetic Foot can be determined with Dr. Rajani Mullarpattan of MGM Hospital, Mumbai.

Chetan is also analyzing and testing a self-tapping suture anchor for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in cancellous/ osteoporotic bone, in collaboration with Dr. Deepak Bhatia of KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Diabetic Foot Kiosk is a device which measures multiple characteristics of Diabetic foot like planter skin stiffness, Vibrational sensitivity and Temperature then predicting possible location of foot ulcers in a patients.
Current Status: Working device has been developed and refinement is on progress.
Suture Anchors are required for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in cancellous / osteoporotic bone found in Indian patients. The new design incorporates mechanisms for self-tapping and better retention. Which is being analytically and Mechanically tested.